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Set Up

Want to start an online presence? This is the plan for you.

Be it building a website, setting up a Facebook Business Page or a LinkedIn profile, DiNoMinator will help you build your online presence using the platform that works best for your business.


Need help managing your online presence?

Update your website’s information, create an event page or manage your social media accounts – DiNoMinator is here to help you maintain your online presence.


Already active online, but not sure if your online reputation management practices are up to date?

We will sit down and do an audit of your online assets with you and recommend strategies and follow-up actions you can take.

Online Reputation Management: New Edge for Modern Business

Going online reduces your interaction with clients – True or False?

Many business owners feel that going online makes their brand loses the personal touch. However, with the right online management tools, you can engage your clients more:

>> Manage appointments using online scheduler <<
>> Engage clients 24/7 with chatbots <<
>> Gather feedback instantly via social media polls <<
>> And many more! <<

DiNoMinator will look at your business model and recommend an online strategy that will suit your company’s identity and voice.

We believe that you can expand your business at a lower per unit cost when you use the right tools in the most efficient way!

Why DiNoMinator?

Distinct Identity

Ditch standard templates and find your voice online. With DiNoMinator’s trove of proprietary images, your site will be unique from others!

Integrated Online Presence

Be it websites, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, DiNoMinator will help you establish your online reputation through your preferred channel.

Navigate Language Challenges

Avoid embarrassing translations with our inhouse copywriters who are proficient in English, Mandarin and German.

Operate with Ease

Take over and manage your online channels with the same staffing level. We will even provide training if the operation is too complex!

About Us

DiNoMinator sets up, maintains and enhances online presence for businesses.

Speak to our DiNos to find out how we can help you!

L.i.F.T For Individuals

It’s never too early to start building your online reputation. You never know when the next great job opportunity will come your way!
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